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When I was eleven my parents gave me an a b c Photo Lab Kit. It contained a contact printer, trays, thermometer, graduate, Velox paper and Trichem packs. It was my initial entry into developing my own film and making prints. A few
years ago, I was able to purchase an unused kit on ebay.


My experience was similar. My dad took a photography course offered by the Boy Scouts I think. He brought home a Kodak darkroom in a box. He never did anything with it but I set up in the basement and developed a roll of film and printed it. I think it was 127 size Verichrome. The kit was minimal, it had a ruby lamp, a small printing frame, three small trays, a couple of film clips, a package of Velox, a couple of Tri-Chem-Paks and maybe a couple of other items, I don't remember for sure. I still remember seeing the film come up in the developer. It seemed to take forever but was probably only about five minutes. I made prints using a light bulb as a source. I have no idea what the pictures were of, probably just the front of the house. I must have been about eight. I had had some exposure (no pun intended) to photography earlier than that but it was the first time I actually worked the process. I am seventy now and its still magic.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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