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I use Inkpress transparency material for both my silver contact digital and
my platinum palladium contact negs. There is a correction to be made for
contrast but they do print close. I expose the negs under the easel with a
piece of frosted  material to soften the light a little. I use mainly my
4800 to make those negs although I also use a 7600 and 7000 with different
inks and there in lies the rub. Ink sets vary to UV light they pass. You do
need to work up your own system, but you can get great results. If you do
want the best results you should work in 16 bit mode, with files at print
size @ 360 for Epson printers and maximum 2880 with finest detail. 


Eric Neilsen

Eric Neilsen Photography

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I do not expect great technical prints, just images with interesting
I use something similar, Impega transparency (4.50 euros/20 sheets)

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Ok, but what type of film are you printing on to get the good results. And
are you finding digital artifacts in the finished print.

I bought some ink-jet transparency material (3M) and I'm not at all
impressed with the output, and it was very expensive stuff ($1.40 per




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compromise?  I think is just using your resources wisely.

Makng cyanotypes and other contact prints from 35mm was plain nonsense, and
from 120/220 was quite hard; the way around was making enlarged
positive-negative pairs but that was a RPITA.... 

Not anymore with a scanner (not even a high-grade one) and a $50 inkjet

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