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>Hello pure-silver folks I just joined up.
>I use the Arista brand stuff and have for many years.  I think it is a  
>complicated issue whether it is morally upstanding or not.
>In the 1990s the Arista was reboxed ilford.  At that time Ilford didn't  
>want them spreading the information around too much so when you asked  
>Freestyle people on the phone if the paper was Ilford they would say  
>that "they couldn't tell you, but actually just between you and me that  
>is what it is."  There were reports from people down in SoCal of piles  
>of ilford boxes in the FreeStyle dumpster.  I did a bunch of side by  
>side testing and found it identical.
     I disagree with some of the language in this thread. First, I am not sure 
any deception is going on when referring to Freestyle and some other sellers of 
house-brands. They are not pretending to make the stuff, they are only selling 
it in bulk. The manufacturers find that bulk custom production has some 
economic advantage for them so they offer a saving to the dealers which is 
passed along to the consumer. The management of the custom manufacturer must 
decide if this practice is utimately profitable because it is probably taking 
some consumers out of the market for the brand-named product. One reason for 
this practice is that the bulk of goods sold may be very large. One finds OEM 
house-brand stuff in all sorts of fields,  your local supermarket is an example 
as are some large discount stores, Costco for instance. 
     There are companies who make only OEM products which then become part of 
some brand name product. An example is the audio cassette mechanism. I've not 
forgotten which Japanese company made them but nearly all were made by this 
company. Only a very few, very upmarket, brands, for instance Revox, made their 
     This is somewhat different from the custom film or paper case but I think 
most people realize that Freestyle does not have a factory and is not making 
the stuff it sells under the Arista name. 
     There are some cases where some moral or ethical criticism may be made but 
I think not for Freestyle. 

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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