[pure-silver] Angry Monologue aginst Deception in the Sensitized Material Industry

  • From: Ray Rogers <earthsoda@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pure-silver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 02:02:44 -0700 (PDT)

--- Bogdan Karasek <bkarasek@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I believe that somebody recently mentioned that that ARISTA paper sold 
> by FREESTYLE was rebadged (manufactured by)  KENTMERE.  Can this be 
> confirmed?

You know I am having a hard time today- next doors no-freeze alarm having gone 
off and piercing
all afternoon, so maybe you will excuse my short temper here...

But I for one am sick and tired of Sensitized Material Manufacturers selling 
their products* to be
sold to other companies so that those other "wanna be's" can pretend to be 

When a manufacturer participates in this kind of behaviour, it is no less than 
a conspiricy to
deceive their most loyal supporters... 

I have not done my homework on this subject.
I know that.
But it doesn't matter.
This is just how I feel, my personal opinion.

I don't like being lied to.
I don't like being deceived.

If Sensitized Material Manufacturers want, or more accurately, feel they 
to sell their products* to third parties, fine.

It is a free enterprise system, right?

But why don't they have the hormones to insist that their name appear on all 
such products?

I would trust a product more if I knew that it was produced in association with 
a leader in the

I am aware that this problem is not limited to photographic material 
manufactuers, it occurs in
other fields such as beverages as well.

That doesn't make it OK.

I don't like being deceived. 

How about you?

I should note here that when I say "Sensitized Material Manufacturers selling 
their products"
I specifically include the production of, or the cooperation in the production 
of, external
formulae in their own plants, as well as the coating or converting of 
sensitized material produced

What are the reasons behind this dastardly behaviour?

I can suggest a few possible reasonings:

1. The Capicity of the manufacturering department FAR exceeds the capicity of 
their sales

2. They have an inventory of sensitized material that falls below thier target 
   better to sell high D-min/low D-max/faster fogging potential/high coating 
   of date materials under another name.

3. People are willing to buy more material from multiple "manufactuers" than 
they would from a
   single manufacturer... (You have to see whats "out there") 

4.  It feels wonderful and its really impressive (to pretend) that you are "a 
maker and a shaker"
    in the imaging world.

Did I miss a few other reasons?

I don't like being deceived. 

How about you?


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