[pskmail] Re: Test Server suggestions, advice wanted

  • From: Stephen Rector <stefano@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2014 15:31:56 -0700

Okay - 

I have the latest PSKmail server up, communicating with the aprs and other 
servers specified in the config file. There are a couple of issues. Even though 
I disallow PSK500R with the $NO500 variable set to 1, that is still the default 
it sets FLdigi to. Also, the server wants to bring up it’s own FLdigi 
waterfall-only mode window, rather than use the FLdigi I bring up before 
invoking the server. Perhaps there are flags I can set if I invoke pskserver 
from the command line?

There is another config detail which isn’t clear to me. How does the users 
database get updated? Manually? Or does it update as users connect to it?

Steve NU7B

On Jun 7, 2014, at 2:45 AM, Stephen Rector <stefano@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Progress report - 
> I’ve got the pre-populated Puppy Linux distro built with the dev and ham apps 
> that were provided on the pskmail.org website. I’m running it as a VM using 
> Parallels. The only hitch that I haven’t solved is minor - Parallels has some 
> UI tools which help keep the VM from being too intrusive to the host machine. 
> But these tools require some dev source like gcc and make, on the Linux 
> build. Although Puppy Linux doesn’t come with these, the dev package on the 
> pskmail.org site did install them, but the Parallels tool installer script 
> still can’t find them. It’ a shell script, but I can’t decode what it’s doing.
> But that’s minor. The OS and the applications run fine. Later today I’ll have 
> some hardware to mate it with.
> In the long run, I may want to run the server on a more conventional flavor 
> of linux that plays better as a VM, but for now we’ll go with this pre-fab 
> build that has been kindly provided to help us.
> Steve

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