[pskmail] Re: Test Server suggestions, advice wanted

  • From: Stephen Rector <stefano@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2014 15:50:09 -0700

The server shows that the NO500 variable is set - yet its “Pskmodes” are all 
set to psk500R

Here is what the server produces when it’s launched - logfile in the terminal:


Modes limited to PSK250 downwards...
NO500 set
### Server v. 2.1.m. (C) 2013 PA0R
22:40 UTC Jun-8-2014: Program start
Cannot connect...
waiting for the modem...
modem o.k., port is 7322
Internet connection o.k.
Beacon:3322.31NP11154.90W& 2.1.m test with V2Modem 
Outside BigEar geo area...
start of receive loop
BigEar serverport:10148
BigEar not available
Scanning: 10148000,10148000,10148000,10148000,10148000
Offset = 0 minute(s)
22:40 UTC Jun-8-2014: 
Listening to the radio


Not sure where it’s getting the mode setting from…..


> Okay - 
> I have the latest PSKmail server up, communicating with the aprs and other 
> servers specified in the config file. There are a couple of issues. Even 
> though I disallow PSK500R with the $NO500 variable set to 1, that is still 
> the default it sets FLdigi to. Also, the server wants to bring up it’s own 
> FLdigi waterfall-only mode window, rather than use the FLdigi I bring up 
> before invoking the server. Perhaps there are flags I can set if I invoke 
> pskserver from the command line?
> There is another config detail which isn’t clear to me. How does the users 
> database get updated? Manually? Or does it update as users connect to it?
> Steve NU7B

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