[pskmail] Re: Test Server suggestions, advice wanted

  • From: Pär Crusefalk <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2014 09:51:53 +0200

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Hi Stephen,

Just a quick note before I have to attend a meeting.
You can set up a scan table within the QRG folder, there you can set it
to a mode every minute. Per default that could be PSK500R and so it will
shift to that every minute. Make sure you set those to the modes you
like and enable the scan.

1. gmail,There is a test script in subversion for checking gmail, you
have to enable pop at gmail etc.
3. Oh, nice bug. I have never even tried WWV so have not had that issue.
We changed to elinks waaaay back and this must be a left over?

The rf link issue can also be caused by fldigi drifting away. Make sure
you limit how much it can move.

73, Per

Stephen Rector skrev 2014-06-09 09:17:
> Some things learned tonight.
> The server is up but not out of testing mode. I was able to prevent it
from going above 300 baud only by editing the ‘alinks' and ‘blinks'
tables in arq.pl, deleting all modes above psk250.
> Other discoveries:
> 1. Still a misconfiguration with my gmail pop account - I see in the
archives that others have had difficulties with gmail…
> 2. Thanks for the archive entries about the "auth OK" - this was very
helpful in getting the session password functioning and allowing a full
communication with the server.
> 3. WWV query works fine; however, the APRS “get nearby stations”
requires the lynx text-based browser to be installed, and (strangely)
the “get server frequencies” query requires the elinks text-based
browser to be installed (rather than lynx). These are found easily in
the ibiblio linux archive. The puppy-linux distro does not include these
but the server apparently needs them.
> These are solved - what remains are to get a working pop email going,
and resolving an RF link problem between my client and server
transceivers - over time there seems to be a frequency drift that
eventually causes the server to lose copy and disconnect. Power is 0.1
watt on both ends - the server has an indoor whip antenna for testing
(tuned with transmatch). I don’t see signs of RF in the shack…
> Steve NU7B

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