[pskmail] Need PSKMail for Disaster Relief Operations

  • From: Walt DuBose <dubose@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 02 May 2007 11:40:49 -0500

I am working the tornado disaster in Piedras Negras, Mexico and we have satellite Internet as well as UHF linked repeaters from there to San Antonio and Dallas, Texas. A second storm took out the one of the links in the UHF repeater linked system so we can't use it and HF SSB propagation is bad. But I;m sure that PSKMail would work.

Of course its a problem getting it all deployed with all our communications units....but I am working on that.

I can't get the PSKMail client to work on the PIII, 1 GHz Dell computers we have. There is a problem with the sound drivers I think. When I get back I will work that with Per.

For anyone doubting the need and use of PSKMail in disaster relief work...I can tell you that my job as chief of incident communications that PSKMail would make a world of difference in my job and I would sleep easier knowing I had it.

I might also mention that the Mexican Government Official running the operations said that the U.S. hams working the disaster could use their U.S. call signs when working commincations within the disaster area and that was backed up by the representative of the Mexican Attorney Generals Office...he said that if arrested, he would be the one proscuting us and he wouldn't be doing it. Hi Hi.

The locals and Mexican government are dooing the very best they can and its a great effort and I am personally glad that what my group does is helping them.

I am home washing clothes and seeing two doctors and headed back to Mexico this afternoon.



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