[pskmail] Re: Need PSKMail for Disaster Relief Operations

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On 5/3/07, *kd4e* <kd4e@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:kd4e@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    My sense here in the USA is that most if not all
    high-speed critical and/or confidential traffic will
    be handled by government personnel using government
    gear on government spectrum.

Except that the government here will have a tendency to  f*** things up.

Have you read much about government communications during Katrina ?

Search google for the independent panel report to the FCC on communications during Katrina. David Vrona

The so-called independent panel was highly politicized
but giving their results a little credibility things
are changing for the better.

For instance the DMAT's.  These rapid deployment medical
teams have their own gear on Fed freqs and their own Ops.

They practice frequently and their communications functioned
well during Katrina - I believe they also processed around
10,000 people through their base at the airport.

Their model is being copied elsewhere in government

I wish the same could be said of the Red Cross but in
my experience here in FL their comms are a mess.

It would be interesting to hear what is done in other


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