[pskmail] Re: Need PSKMail for Disaster Relief Operations

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Do we have data from the various countries represented
on this list as to the real vs theoretical probable
role of Amateur Radio communications in disasters?

My sense here in the USA is that most if not all
high-speed critical and/or confidential traffic will
be handled by government personnel using government
gear on government spectrum.

Amateur Radio will be asked to handle more of the
non-critical peripheral communications.

Generally speaking the Amateur Radio role here in
the USA will not require wide bandwidth nor high
speed modes.

We really need to focus on improving coverage and
efficiency and reliability using likely modes rather
than getting too distracted by the bells and whistles
of modes that are too rare and unreliable to be
useful in a genuine disaster.


Icom has broader filters to be installed instead of the existing smaller filter. We measured he existing filter to have a bandwidth of 2.9Khz. In out experimental links it showed that other factors like noise and interference were much more likely to slow down the linkspeed, than the actual bandwidth of the filter. By the way not all transceivers have 2.9Khz. bandwidth, most of them only 2.7Khz. Yes I agree, there exists a lot of nonsense about the speed item. Transferring football matches is not really a goal to meet in a thin communication channel. However as you know that a fast mode would permit more traffic been handled in an emergency situation.
73 Karel, hc1akp


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