[pskmail] Re: Need PSKMail for Disaster Relief Operations

  • From: Walt DuBose <dubose@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 07 May 2007 20:42:41 -0500

kd4e wrote:
My sense here in the USA is that most if not all
high-speed critical and/or confidential traffic will
be handled by government personnel using government
gear on government spectrum.

Amateur Radio will be asked to handle more of the
non-critical peripheral communications.

Generally speaking the Amateur Radio role here in
the USA will not require wide bandwidth nor high
speed modes.

We really need to focus on improving coverage and
efficiency and reliability using likely modes rather
than getting too distracted by the bells and whistles
of modes that are too rare and unreliable to be
useful in a genuine disaster.


I just spent 9 days in Eagle Pass, Texas and Piedras Negras handeling communications for feeding operations that prepared over 60,000 meals. our resupply communications were critical because there was no refridgeration in Mexico. That's critical communications. FEMA didn't come aboard until after we had finished our feeding effort and things were returning to normal.

We were fortunate to have had satellite Internet communications. Buthad that failed, we couold not have possibly sent out our supply request in a timely manner or correctly as the list were sometimes long.

Whatever you think about disaster communications, I can say with certainty that you certainly need amateur radio highspeed, robust datas communications. If you want to feed, provide clothing, shelter and medical needs for the masses, and you are a non-governmental organization, you WILL need amateur radio highspeed, robust datas communications. Been there, done that and got the T-shirt. And that was last week.

When the next CAT 4 or 5 hurricane hits the Gulf Coast or Eastern Coast of the U.S. or tornado ravaged town in the South West, come on out and operate one of our command and communications units and then tell me you don't need amateur radio highspeed, robust datas communications.


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