[project1dev] Re: networking pirate dice woes

  • From: Kent Petersen <kentkmp@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: project1dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2010 14:35:45 -0800

I think that helps. I will take another stab at it next chance I get.

You are welcome to take and delegate tasks that are needed. If something
becomes urgent scripting-wise let me know.

I did see the commands in the scripting help but I did not find the
documents very helpful. They explained the variables and values but I
couldn't really figure out how to use the commands.

On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 9:34 AM, Alan Wolfe <alan.wolfe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hey Kent,
> Totally understandable about your shift in time usage.  I figure i'll take
> on some of the scripting tasks but leave the important stuff like networked
> pirate dice to you.
> If anything becomes uber important and you dont have time to do it, i have
> no problem takin it over so we should be fine (:
> Ok, about the network stuff hrmms...
> #1 - GetServerList: well first things first, i added the network script
> functions to the script help documents.  Have you seen those?  If so were
> they not too helpful?  If not let me know, maybe i need to document things
> better.
> Anyhow, GetServerList is only useful for searching for existing servers.
>  Theres another function for creating servers but you are right, you would
> change the string to PirateDice and thats all you need to do to make it work
> for pirate dice.
> #2 - SendChat: yeah this is the only place it sends to the server.  For the
> success thing, basically what thats about is every network function returns
> whether or not it was successful.  If it wasn't, you should display an error
> message to the player and then bail out of the game.  The reasons it wouldnt
> be successful is like if they unplugged their internet cable or something.
> #3 - OnNetworkMessage: This guy is called by the game whenever it receives
> a network message from the server.  How network messages work is you send a
> message to the server which consists of "MessageName" and "MessageValue".
>  After it gets to the server, the server sends it down to all of the
> clients, including the person who sent the message in the first place.
>  OnNetworkMessage is called once for each message received so that you can
> respond to the message (like if someone raised a bet, you can update the pot
> size).  Everyone receives messages in the same order (:
> Since messages have both a name and a value you can do something like all
> chat messages have the message name "Chat" and all message values are what
> the person typed for chat.
> For when anyone takes a turn you might make a message named "TakeTurn" and
> then have the message value be something like "call", "fold", "raise 10"
> etc.
> OnNetworkMessage also receives messages when players join or leave.
> Also each network message (i think... going from memory) give you both the
> name of the player, as well as a "PlayerID" which is a unique ID# associated
> with that player (if its ever useful to know, this ID# is always the same
> for the same player, it's like an account number).
> Does this help at all?
> On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 2:05 AM, Kent Petersen <kentkmp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Tonight is the first time I really spent any time on the network code and
>> let me tell you I am confused as hell. If I follow along the lobby code I
>> can make enough sense of it but when it comes time for me to recreate it I
>> can't get shit to work right. I can get it to log in to a server by copying
>> the "Join chat server" section of the lobby code but I don't really
>> understand what to do from there.
>> Here are some questions off the top of my head
>> in the "Join chat server" section I think I would want to change
>> GameServer_GetServerList("Chat") to GameServer_GetServerList("Pirate Dice")
>> I think this would cause the game to join the game server Pirate Dice. Am
>> I right?
>> is the function SendChat the only point in the code where the player can
>> send information to the server? I don't really get the success= part?
>> I also don't really understand the OnNetworkMessage part. I think it has
>> something to do with sending messages to the server and out to the players
>> but I don't see how it does it. I understand that the bottom portion of
>> OnNetworkMessage is updating the chatroom. Pirate Dice should probably have
>> an in game chat.
>> I want to start Pirate Dice. Have a button for join network game. This
>> will look through for a list of servers and then create one if there is
>> nothing available. Like the lobby, I believe. Pirate Dice will then begin as
>> it does now.
>> Somehow I want the players name and ID to be assigned to the player value.
>> For example Player1 will say Atrix.
>> Somehow I want the players game choices to get sent to the server and back
>> to the players. The information that should be sent would, the choice they
>> made (raise, bluff, call), what they have in their hand (pair, three of a
>> kind), and any money information (amount raised, raising to the called
>> amount)
>> Between work and school I just don't have a lot of time to invest right
>> now. So this is mostly for discussion and to get my brain thinking. I love
>> working on this stuff I do it for fun and relaxation these days. I might be
>> able to squeeze some time in on the weekends or if I finally get ahead on
>> homework. The workload will definitely drop as I get the hang of my job and
>> as I finish off my internet classes.
>> Any help is greatly appreciated.

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