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:) alan-perfect!  
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hey i had an idea about the void music when you first start the game,
figured id toss it out there and see what you guys think.

So Ken you made that "void intro" mp3 that sounds really spacey and

What if we had a version of that which looped seamlessly and that's the
music that plays when you first start floating down in the voidmap.

So the game starts off mysterious and you are in a strange place, but then
you wander around a little bit and the old man calls you over and the old
man theme starts playing (changes up the mood a lil)

The carnival music maybe could play there whenever you came back after the
first time maybe?  But the carnival music's main area would be at the
carnival for sure.  Eric was thinking it might be cool if it was playing as
ambient music at the carnival and when you got close to speakers that it
would get louder.  I was thinking maybe we could even do steam boat willy
type speakers where they would shake and grow/shrink to the beat of the

dunno, what do you guys think? (mainly the first idea w/ the mystic music
going to the more playful music im wonderin if you guys think is a good idea
or not)

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> User:puggles
> Message: he he i *intended* to work on the strange man's theme next but you
> all know how it goes sometimes when you get a hankerin to do something else.
> d:
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