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Hi.  Another good web host is
which has a very accessible and helpful control panel interface.  And if you 
are worried about web space, it provides you with 300 gb of web space and lots 
of band width.  Technical support is second to none.  Cheers!
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  you can try :

  I as well have had good experiences in site access and business management 

  though there plans are smaller than ultrahosts (1 Gb for 10 dollars a month 
billed quarterly by ultrahost, with expansion capabilities built in, compared 
to 450 Mb at 9.18 dollars a month from tera-byte). 

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         I have a website that needs a new home. I am seeking opinions on what 
is the best hosting service. Currently, the site is very small, but I plan on 
growing it to probably 5GB. I don't expect a lot of traffic as it relates to 
tactile graphics. I also hope to sell a few items from the site. VIEW 
International Foundation is a 501(c)(3), so I need to keep costs to a minimum. 
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.


    Robert Jaquiss, Executive Director
    VIEW International Foundation
    230 Peach Tree Drive
    West Monroe, Louisiana 71291-8653
    Phone: (318) 396-1853
    Email: rjaquiss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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