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I would recommend 1&1:

Right now you can get their 1&1 Home package for free for the first three
months. After three months you will be paying $4.99. You get 120 GB of
storage space. I know that you said you that the site is not big right now,
but you will never know what will happen in a few months. The monthly
traffic transfer is very good 1,200 GB, which is 1.2 TB per month. Now that
is not bad at all. For less then $5 a month that is not bad at all. You get
IMAP and POP3 support, 1&1 Webmail, 1,200 email accounts with 2 GB of
storage per account, SPAM Filter, 1&1 Website Builder, 1&1 Blog, firewall
protection, 24/7 phone and email support, a 90-day money back guarantee and
much more. Again the link is






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you can try :



I as well have had good experiences in site access and business management


though there plans are smaller than ultrahosts (1 Gb for 10 dollars a month
billed quarterly by ultrahost, with expansion capabilities built in,
compared to 450 Mb at 9.18 dollars a month from tera-byte). 




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     I have a website that needs a new home. I am seeking opinions on what
is the best hosting service. Currently, the site is very small, but I plan
on growing it to probably 5GB. I don't expect a lot of traffic as it relates
to tactile graphics. I also hope to sell a few items from the site. VIEW
International Foundation is a 501(c)(3), so I need to keep costs to a
minimum. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.




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West Monroe, Louisiana 71291-8653
Phone: (318) 396-1853
Email: rjaquiss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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