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  • From: "Scott" <millop69@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2006 15:50:55 -0800

Sorry, just found this link for ya.
This is for a 512mb stick of PC2100DDR which is what you are looking for. 
$39, not bad.
Later, Scott.


Naw, $60 is about right. I just bought a friend 2 sticks of 512mb PC2700DDR
for about $80 thru www.Outpost.com for her Dell. So now she has a gig also.
I am looking around here for the sticks I took out of my machine that were
PC2100 DDR but so far havnt found them yet. They are 256mb sticks. Might
save ya some money for now if I can find em.
Oh and yes I believe that is what it means, only 1 gig using 2 sticks of


Thanks Scott,
I will check it out, I know I have 512 meg of memory and one slot available.
I think I recall buying.  My model # is 226R.  Looked it up there, looks
like the maxium I can upgrade to is 1 gig of memory?  Im a bit confused on
the prices, I was thinking to double the memory surely it would not be 60
dollars?  I was thinking would be about 200 or so, I dont know.



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