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I have clients who have operated for years without a support agreement (and 
without patching).  But I would not voluntarily choose this myself, though.

I am curious, would this still be acceptable to Oracle?  I have always assumed 
that you are only allowed to play with it, for testing and learning. The moment 
you attach a business around it, you have to part with money, even if you do 
not need patching and support.

Please do not infer that I am putting you in a tight corner. I have thought 
twice before sending this, but concluded you would be okay since you are the 
one who brought it up in the first place.


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I dont understand something about pricing.
This page says:,3:P3_LPI,P3_PROD_HIER_ID:4509382199341805719938,4509958287721805720011

Perpetual license/cpu: 47,500$, plus yearly support: 10,450$
1 year license/cpu: 9,500$

It looks like to me it is cheaper to re-buy a yearly license in every
year, than the yearly support cost of a perpetual license. (And there is
lot more difference in the first year...)

I guess I am missing something, but I cant find it.

Can you enlighten me?

Thanks in advance.
Veres Lajos
+36 20 438 5909


-- Mark Brinsmead
  Senior DBA,
  The Pythian Group

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