RE: making graphical reports from oracle metrics

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  • Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2008 15:01:41 +0200

That's the reason why I used Excel for my PerfSheet tool. Excel is the
ultimate corporate browser for such stuff, especially if you work with
mulitple different companies and usually the need to diagnose/fix a problem
is immediate.

I often hear "just use Apex" or "just install web-toolset xyz" or "just use
Perl/Python/TCL library xyz" and as "everyone has a web browser" then
everyone will be able to use the tool with no effort. 

Wrong! All those tools require installation of additional stuff, either
server side or client side, which may require lengthy paperwork and waiting
time for getting various approvals etc. Installing servers & such frameworks
is fine if you're implementing some strategic monitoring or graphing
solution, but if you just want to graph some data right now when
troubleshooting or researching something, installing servers and writing
scripts has too much overhead.

I haven't seen a corporation without Windows workstations and MS Office
installed into them yet...


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> I think that If I even suggested the idea IT Security would 
> go haywire... publishing corporate data to even google is out 
> of the question. There are many DND agreements in place, so 
> even performance data is covered... Still, it's interesting 
> to see the technology and to know it exists... Thanks.
> Guillermo Alan Bort
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