RE: Storage array advice anyone?

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        Some "whitepapers" were mentioned in this very long thread. Does
anyone have a few reliable/trusted sites where I could get some reading
material, about this topic?

        Thanks in adv

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No. But I am implying that you think very carefully
about the amount of data that you read/write to a
single disk before you move on to the next disk.

(There are many different terms for this, which is
why I chose to describe the mechanics rather than
give it a name).

Some people set their systems to 32K per disc 
at the SAN, then get Oracle to do 1MB direct
reads and wonder why things don't work well.

It seems that many suppliers can't go higher than 
1MB per disc (at least, whenever I've been on 
site asking what the maximum is, I've invariably
been told that it's 1MB). This means a typical
1MB read will activate two discs - but since many
S/As then decide to put a filesystem stripe on top
of the SAN stripe, who knows what else can go


Jonathan Lewis
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Hi Jonathan,
Are you suggesting that there is no benefit in having a larger stripe width
in comparison to a smaller one, for example, 8-way versus 4-way ?

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Sorry to come in so late on this one - I've
had a busy three months, and only just got
back to reading the mail.

Personally I find the whole 'virtualization' thing a 
complete con-trick. 

Sure, I now have a LUN which is really 50 
different spindles - so what good is that if I 
send a 'single read request' and that activates
eight of them.   It only takes 8 requests like
that and there are 64 reads queued up somewhere,
and who knows where they might be ?  Ask 
Cary Millsap about queueing and unstable
response times.  (Then ask Stephen Barr what
the minimum and maximum response times were
for his Parallel Query problem).


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