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We had a lot of trouble with several HP 585s (4 Opteron CPUs) and sent a 
couple back, though we are still running two of them OK with multiple 
Oracle9i DBs on each.  Our server group switched to 4-way Opteron Sun V40Z 
servers (running 64bit RH3) and we're very happy with those.  They've now 
gone to IBM Blade Servers (several LS20s), which look like good performers 
on our IBM SANs.

We're very happy with the Opterons, RH3 and 4, and 64 bit Oracle (mostly 
9i, but starting to deploy 10g).

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Re: AMD vs Xeon 64 bit

Dl 585 is the one to go for. Buy the fastest and most memory that you can 
and you will be smiling the whole day. I just advised a customer to 
replace their 16 cpu SUN sparc box with a 4 CPU dual core Opteron. The sun 
box was 1 million dollar, the opteron costed around 30K dollar. They went 
live over the weekend and and they are very happy :-) 

On 9/5/06, Juan Miranda <j.miranda@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
We will buy an new server. 
SO will be RHEL 4 AS/ES
1)       HP 585 4x AMD Opteron
2)       HP 580 4x Xeon 
 Any reference, idea, experience about these 2 alternatives ???
 What about SGA limit ? 
I think I can make a huge SGA with AMD64 (no 3 GB limit), 
Do I have this limit in Xeon 64 bit ?

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