Re: AMD vs Xeon 64 bit

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Still a bit shakey as I caused an accident on the highway this morning. Car
crashed, ego crashed but body ok. Nobody injured.
The funny thing was I was just on my way to the customer to see what they
were and how they were doing with the new setup,

Q1) I will get you the precise spec, but the Vendor is SUN. Not sure if they
decided on Redhat or solaris x86. I hope Redhat.

Q3) They were using IAS, so they could just move to the new platform by
reinstalling the application server.
     Moving from Sparc/Solaris to Intel/Redhat requires a change to the
code (recompile/relink) however with java you could be safe.

Q4) I will follow up with you.


On 9/6/06, VIVEK_SHARMA <VIVEK_SHARMA@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Anjo, List

Qs 1 If you could share some more *config info* on the 30K $ Box please? *
O.S., Vendor etc  *
Qs 2 Did the O.S. continue to be Solaris OR did it change to something?
Sun does offer Boxes with with Opteron CPUs:-

Qs 3 Will moving to Opteron CPUs require RE-Compilation & porting of
existing Application Code?

NOTE - Our Banking Products are Coded is in Pro C, .Net, Java currently
Runs on Solaris, Windows , HP-UX (on Itanium Chips), AIX (P5 Servers) with
Oracle / SQL*Server Databases

Am looking to check the possibility of our Banking Product's possible port
to AMD Opteron & possibly build a case for management.
Qs 4 Any Site, Links, Presentations which can be used suitably, Other than
the following?,,30_118_8796_14287,00.html

 Thanks indeed.

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Dl 585 is the one to go for. Buy the fastest and most memory that you can and you will be smiling the whole day. I just advised a customer to replace their 16 cpu SUN sparc box with a 4 CPU dual core Opteron. The sun box was 1 million dollar, the opteron costed around 30K dollar. They went live over the weekend and and they are very happy :-)


On 9/5/06, Juan Miranda <j.miranda@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: > > Hi > > > > We will buy an new server. > > SO will be RHEL 4 AS/ES > > > > Alternatives: > > > > 1) HP 585 4x AMD Opteron > > 2) HP 580 4x Xeon > > > > > > Any reference, idea, experience about these 2 alternatives ??? > > > > What about SGA limit ? > > I think I can make a huge SGA with AMD64 (no 3 GB limit), > > Do I have this limit in Xeon 64 bit ? > > > > Thanks. > > > > > > >

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