[opendtv] Re: The Potential of OTA DTV

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  • Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 16:41:14 -0700

Thanks for the responses.  Good points of view.

I should clarify that the reason I am spending money NOW on receiving DTV
is because of HDTV.  If I only wanted SD signals, the OTA NTSC is good
enough.  Once they get turned off, I would have to spend the money to
receive TV service, and would do so.

I hope that when UNLV starts producing HDTV, both KLVX and the cable
operator will be interested in our programming.  For now we only produce
analog SD and deliver over CATV.  Naturally we can digitize and deliver SD
if all went digital.  But if we had our own transmitter, the potential
products increase.  And the price to the customer to receive our digital
content would reduce.

When I say "The potential of OTA DTV", part of that is considering AVC and
VC-1 encoding.  There is a lot of potential in 19.4Mb/s over 24 hours a
day!  How media is sent, what is sent with it, and even the delivery models
can change.  Heck, even the timeline of delivery can change!  If you are
sending VC-1 or AVC encoded material, that is close to 10x faster than real
time.  Again, I am saying POTENTIAL and not REALIZED.

I think one of the great things about OTA DTV is that it can be received
along side cable and satellite.  I know people that currently subscribe to
both cable and satellite (there are good reasons for this but I won't go
into it here).  What is the cost to add OTA to those services?  Very
little!  So whether cable or satellite carries our content or not, I can
still get material to the customer.  I realize that they may not make the
effort to receive it.  We just need to make the programming compelling
enough to entice the customer to want to.

Please forgive me if all this is all immature rambling about the future of
media.  I am only working through this so that I can build a facility that
will be able to deliver media that people will actually receive AND enjoy.

You are quite justified to state that I am a strange duck to not spend the
money for cable or satellite when the monitor costs $1500.  But the truth
is, to date, I haven't yet.  And I won't until I can purchase an HDTV
monitor under $1000 (there are actually some CRT based TVs that are there
now).  For now it is via the computer monitor or SD.  I also would like to
wait for a 1080p 60fps monitor.  Now you might be thinking, "but we don't
produce in that format!"  I predict we will be one day.

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