[opendtv] The Potential of OTA DTV

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  • Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 16:37:21 -0700

I'd like to introduce myself, I am new to the list.

I work for a university and am the engineer for their television production
facility.  We will be building a new television facility in two years and
it will be all digital and all High Def.  Hopefully it will be all
file-based.  I joined this list to listen in on potential delivery methods
of digital HDTV.  We currently put our programming on the local cable
system in SD analog.

Now for my thoughts of Over The Air digital signals.  I am spending good
money to receive the OTA DTV.  I would not if DTV only offered the same
service as the analog signal.  No, I want HDTV.  I am not willing to pay
for cable or satellite HDTV because I cannot afford $75 a month to reach
that tier.  But I do care about quality - that is why I am spending money
on receiving and viewing OTA HDTV signals.  But I am not willing to pay a
monthly charge to someone while having to sit and watch commercials that
are paying for the programming.  I realize I am probably in a minority
since 80 percent of our metropolitan area is receiving cable or satellite.

Another reason for OTA DTV is the quality.  The HDTV signals on satellite
and cable are not nearly as good.  The statistical multiplexing does not
work well enough.  The local digital SD pictures are even worse on cable
and satellite.  So I will be watching OTA DTV for a better signal quality.
I hope broadcasters do not try to do what the cable and satellite providers
are trying to do.

But to me, there is great potential in OTA broadcasts.  I only wish I had a
DTV broadcast license so I could send our content to 100 percent of this
area's population.  I could put programming on it that no one else can
deliver.  Even better yet, I could deliver more digital content besides
video than I could just programming one channel on a cable system.  And if
my content is desirable enough, people will pay to have equipment receive
it.  So I hope broadcasters realize what they have before they give it up.

Again, as a customer, I really want to see free high quality HDTV
programming stick around!

Dan Grimes
Manager of Instructional Production and Engineering
UNLV Greenspun School of Communications
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