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Whoa, you are long-winded there, Craig!! I'll pare this down.

Craig Birkmaier wrote:

> The only thing that would change if TW offered Netflix is that it
> would be added to your TW bill rather than your credit card.

I doubt it. I think the difference would be that TWC would make Netflix easy to 
get to the TV set attached to their STB. Most likely, using their own 
proprietary type of VOD service. What you describe, just adding the Netflix fee 
to your cable bill, seems too trivial a change for even the pundits to mention.

> So you get phone and DSL from your telco. Does this get you access
> to the OTT sites that require a username and password?

Yup. Like Amazon, Hulu (for some content), Hulu Plus, Netflix, ... Point being, 
you're still in that MVPD-dependence mindset. The content owners are moving 
beyond it. You still think that the MVPD username/password is the only way to 
get the "best" content, because you aren't reading the tea leaves. CBS is 
*already* accepting Amazon Prime, for instance, when providing some of their 
online offerings that aren't FOTI.

>> Fair enough [charging Netflix and others for the bandwidth they use],
>> if these prices for bandwidth are set the same for everyone.
> Clearly this is not the case.

What's not the case? Are you saying that MVPDs charge Netflix more than others, 
so that they can force their subscribers to use HBO instead? What I said is, 
net neutrality would still be assured, AS LONG AS whatever extra charges are 
applied to Netflix are applied equally, in a non-discriminatory manner, to any 
heavy-duty capacity hog. And sure, if this increases the price Netflix has to 
charge, so be it. At least, there will be competition, as opposed to the way it 
works now in MVPD tiers.

> If there is no economic benefit, why change? The current system
> limits the ability of new entrants to get channels in the MVPD
> bundles,

Yes, that part is true, as far as it goes. You're saying, the congloms PREFER 
to keep any more competition away. But that's also hiding one's head in the 
sand. The Internet exists, plenty of material is becoming available on it, cord 
cutting is a real phenomenon, there are plenty of households in the US and 
elsewhere that don't have or want MVPD subscriptions, so it's certainly 
foolish, long term, to remain stuck in the 1980s, eh?

>> All you need for this to happen is for the CE vendors to quit colluding
>> with MVPDs and content owners, and finally sell some intelligently
>> designed connected TV appliances.
> Rubbish!
> It's the content stupid!

Wow, you do enjoy your circular arguments, eh Craig? We already went through 
that. The content owners are thinking way beyond where you got stuck, Craig!


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