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  From: Craig Birkmaier 

  It is already easy to get OTT services to your TV. TW would need to do one of 
two things.

  1. Add the ability to access OTT services to their STBs via a broadband 
connection; they do not have the bandwidth on the video side of their business 
to handle the bandwidth requirements of Netflix, nor are their current boxes 
capable of decoding OTT services, which DO NOT use MPEG-2. So logically they 
would do what Comcast is already doing by expanding the capabilities of the 
boxes they lease to customers.

Not necessarily true.  My Motorola STB from Comcast has the ability to watch On 
Demand programming which is delivered via unicast IP, and judging by the 
compression it isn't all MPEG-2.  It would be trivial to add a link at the back 
end to Netflix content.  Most likely no hardware changes to existing STBs would 
be necessary, only software changes tot he menus in the On Demand section, 
which they do constantly anyway.

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