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Craig Birkmaier wrote:

> Not a good assumption. The cable company VOD servers are typically
> located in each head end, and have pre formatted streams, with pre roll
> and/or inserted commercials depending on the program.

Which can also describe exactly as one would do IP-based VOD.

> In essence the server stores the entire MPEG-2 transport stream for a
> title; when a user requests a title the playout begins and it is run through
> a QAM modulator and delivered as a live video channel.

Again, just the way you could also do VOD over IP. "QAM" is neither here nor 
there. DOCSIS uses QAM too, as far as that goes. This is nothing more then the 
physical layer. Different flavors of Ethernet each has its own physical layer 
standard too. Could be Manchester encoding, PSK, MLT-3, PAM-5, not to mention 
the single mode and multimode fiber optic variants. Over cable coax plants, QAM 
is used regardless of protocol.


> And  I think MPEG-2 TS  is used by many OTT services,

I think ONLY the Apple Quicktime protocol uses MPEG-2 TS, among the popular 
streaming protocols.

In any case, I always try to say MPEG-2 TS "broadcast" to differentiate between 
the legacy TV broadcast streams and the IP side of the cable plant. The IP side 
would be the DOCSIS channels.


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