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  • Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 16:14:53 -0400

The New Scientist article Jeroen pointed out gives a pointer to the
patent itself, in case anyone is interested. The filing date is 30 March
2006, so it might actually have been meant for 1 April. My guess is that
some overly zealous person at Philips rushed it out on Thursday, when
they were meant to wait for Saturday.


Right at the bottom of the first part of the article.

The scheme is not all that different from the "great ideas" proposed on
this very list in the past. I've often asked why a *consumer*, as
opposed to some other party, would want this sort of device, or other
similar devices we have been told would be so great. I still ask myself,

In short, a broadcaster may elect to give the viewer a choice. Either
watch the ad or skip the ad by making a contribution (which allows
either fast-forward of a recording, or switching to an alternate channel
in real time viewing). Supposedly, this payment feature is what will
make this scheme palatable to viewers. It says so right on the patent
application. If you try to skip the ad without payment, you may end up
with a dark screen. But, lucky for the viewer, he is always warned ahead
of time if this is one of those programs in which the broadcaster takes
control of your set.

By the way, this works with any sort of DTV program, be it DTV over
cable, DTT, or IPTV, viewed as time-shift recorded or in real time.

I always try to ferret out *motivation*. CE companies are supposed to
sell to consumers, right? So what were they thinking in Eindhoven?

In the patent application, it says:

----------Quoting patent application-----------
[0003] Often when a viewer is watching a video program that has been
recorded on a video playback device, the viewer will give the video
playback device a "fast forward" command to cause the video playback
device to skip past the advertisements that have been recorded with the
program. In those cases where a viewer is watching a direct
(non-recorded) broadcast of a program with advertisements the viewer
will often switch to another channel when an advertisement is being

[0004] This is undesirable for program broadcasters because the
advertisements that are broadcast with the programs pay for the
programs. Advertisers pay the program broadcasters to broadcast
advertisements in order to deliver the advertisements to the viewing
public. The program broadcasters therefore have an interest in seeing
that the advertisements are viewed and not ignored.

[0005] There is therefore a need in the art for a video display system
that is capable of preventing a viewer of a direct (non-recorded)
broadcast from switching from a first channel to a second channel when
an advertisement is displayed on the first channel. There is also a need
in the art for a video display system that is capable of preventing a
viewer of a recorded program from fast forwarding the recorded program
in order to skip past advertisements that were recorded with the
-----------------End Quote---------------------

Aha, got it. They are selling this to broadcasters, not consumers. So,
all that means is this: don't buy your next TV or recording device from
a broadcaster.

Okay, understood. I have never bought TVs from broadcasters anyway!!
Meanwhile the FCC, in its oversight function, I trust will do the right
thing for consumers.

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