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Well "it" is... <drumroll> ....the "User Profile!"  :-)  Anywho, looks like
I'm gonna be stuck with it for a tad longer. Well at least when I get the
chance to re-arrange a few things and the such. Kinda trying to figure out
why .NET 2003 desktop doesn't want to load, so I have to spend more time on
that. Well at least while I have the time to deal with it! :-O


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>Well, what *is* it? There are several 'cleaner' type programs but
>ultimately only you can go in and figure out what's causing the bloat, if
>it can be safely deleted, and how to avoid it in the future. Crank up
>Windows Explorer and go take a look.
>Be a bit easier if you use treesize
>>Anyone has knowledge of a program or tricks maybe to shrink a bloated user
>>profile of useless stuff?  So far it's up to 363 mb! :-O

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