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  • Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 10:20:59 -0800

Hey Joe,

Thanks for the suggestions. However now I'm basically having sort of the
same problem, with a different twist. :-O  I decided to limit the size of
the profile and the such by creating a group policy. This is where I'm
having the latest problem. I excluded the Application Data folder, and the
favorites. The temp and temporary internet files are excluded by default
(says Windows XP explanation) However, it still shows the files in that
folder as being the files that are exceeding the limit set. Plus, XP won't
let me log off, or restart until the limit is reduced. :-(

The profiles aren't roaming because for some strange reason(s), XP refuses
to join the domain. <shrug> I can join computers running W2K Pro all day,
but Xp is a real PITA for god knows what reason(s). It's not overly
important for the Xp machine to be on the network, but I would like to see
it a part of it at least to check it out! It keeps giving me the message
that the server can't perform this operation, or words to that effect.

Anyway, back to the present speed bump!

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>Exclude the Local Settings directory (which includes Temp; Temp Internet =
>Files;etc) from the user's roaming profile.  They don't need to be =
>redirected, just excluded.  They will be deleted when the user logs off =
>(assuming you have delete roaming cached profiles turned on)
>Also, you can redirect the Apps Data, My Documents, Desktop, Start Menus =
>and a few others to their home drive (or another if you prefer).

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