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Trsut me, I'm really not trying to confuse you (or anyone) on purpose! I
know the Firewall/router won't stop worms and trojans, I put that in there
as far as the overall security of my computers. The AV programs checks
everyday for updates, and even then I will check manually every chance I get
or think of it, scripts are handled the same way as the worms and trojans.
Usually someone else have received it, and a fix/patch is forthcoming, but
overall, as I said, I'm pretty confident in my setup and habits that, for
the most part, the meanies are caught before they even think about doing
anything bad. I think I went about two or so years without any AV
program(s), and never suffered from it, but since (some) people don't have
anything better to do than to make bigger and badder things, I now run AV
programs and so forth.

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>Hmm. Not sure about that Charles...
>* The router firewall won't stop virus/trojan/worm laden email.
>* Norton/AVG are only as good as their current definitions.
>* And what about the worm that doesn't need an attachment, but executes
>from a script in the html of the email?
>I too have a router/firewall, AV software, etc - but it's Outlook itself
>that stops 90% of bad stuff...
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