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Since it seems everything goes through Outpost first, it's the first to see
any attachment, which it automatically renames them, the Outlook (2k) gets
it, and Norton intercepts. I believe that's how it works here. Happens so
fast, it's hard to say for certain! :-)

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>Got it here too... But I'm curious how many people's antivirus find it.
>With Outlook setup right, my antivirus never gets near the worm/virus,
>because Outlook deals with it first.
>I haven't had my av trigger a warning for more than a year... And yet I
>have no problems with not being able to receive attachments that I want
>to receive...
>Outlook 2002 and 2000 (with SP's) and OE 6 (with patches) should all do
>this 'out of the box'
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