[modular-debian] Re: More thoughts on Plan 9 and GUIs

  • From: Steve Litt <slitt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: modular-debian@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2014 12:25:08 -0500

On Fri, 28 Nov 2014 08:18:32 -0500
Miles Fidelman <mfidelman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> David L. Craig wrote:

> > The main Plan 9 flavors are Bell
> > Labs, 9front, and Inferno.  Don't be too quick to write
> > it off, IMHO.
> I'm not writing it off at all - it's a great o/s, and the 9p protocol
> is particularly interesting in its own right.
> What I'm questioning is whether it's a starting point for a "modular 
> Debian ecosystem" - in that it is explicitly neither Linux nor Unix,
> and doesn't have a base of Debian packaged software to start with.

My viewpoint is that "Modular Debian" is, or at least later became,
much more inclusive than Debian without systemd. From my perspective,
it is, or became, a place for discussion and/or help to get away from
systemd and similar types of gratuitous entanglement, by whatever means
necessary, as long as it's free software.

And of course, the necessary means will differ according to each of our
needs, capabilities and beliefs. I could envision some of us going
forward with Debian plus sysvinit, others with Debian plus nosh or
runit or S6 or other light inits. Others may go with a fork of Debian.
Some might go with various BSDs, some with Plan 9, some with Gobo, some
with Gentoo and Funtoo. Some might run a systemd-encumbered Debian but
limit the damage with daemontools or some other daemonizer, others
might run free-software, non-Ellison descendents of OpenSolaris, and
still others Debian kFreeBSD.

By sharing info and experiences on *all* these possibilities, each of
us can make informed decisions, and each of us can help each other.

Another benefit of this list's wide-ranging nature is that it gives
each of us a Plan B and Plan C, which is so necessary in these
precarious times. The PCBSD that I've (almost certainly) chosen might
get screwed up later, necessitating me moving to a systemd-free Debian.
The systemd-free Debian that someone else chooses might be defeated by
the machinations of Redhat and Poettering, resulting in a need to go to
*too or Plan 9. The point is, when our software landlords evict us,
we'll have plenty of friends to help guide us to our next home.

My opinion is that this is a very wide-ranging group, and, as Ben
Franklin once said, "We must hang together, or we most certainly hang
separately." If this list split into specialty lists, we'd lose the
full range of our possibilities, and the only beneficiaries would be
Redhat, Poettering, and the systemd fanboys we all know and love.


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