[modular-debian] Re: More thoughts on Plan 9 and GUIs

  • From: "David L. Craig" <dlc.usa@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2014 23:41:35 -0500

On 14Nov27:2301-0500, Miles Fidelman wrote:

> David L. Craig wrote:
> >
> >>With the GUI out of the way, we can focus on the user-space system.
> >>My proposals for that foundation are Plan 9 and Go (with C
> >>for the performance parts).

Actually, that was written by Marty <martyb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>.

> ummm folks... before starting to chant "plan 9" it would behoove us to
> understand what plan 9 actually is
> it's primarily an extension of core concepts, specifically:
> - extending the concept of all objects as files or file systems
> - incorporating network communications more thoroughly
> - adding the notion of private namespaces
> it's a step beyond Unix, and a good one, but probably not a starting point
> for "a more modular Debian ecosystem"

Well, you can just recompile your favorite apps in it,
certainly.  Plan 9 is officially an R&D OS but it has
acreted a lot of stable and amazingly straight-forward
paradigms that work very well together.  They kept
what they considered the best of UNIX but tried out
a lot of second-generation ideas that mostly turned
out quite well (the /proc hierarchical filesystem and
UTF-8, for example).  The main Plan 9 flavors are Bell
Labs, 9front, and Inferno.  Don't be too quick to write
it off, IMHO.
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