[modeleng] Re: What's happening to the list?

  • From: "Terry Lane" <tel@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <modeleng@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 6 May 2005 04:04:33 +1000

I appreciate, and sympathise with your position Patrick, however I still
make no apology for my use of the term. Your letter points to exactly my
point - 'those who would take away the freedoms of others'. BTW I'm about as
far away from the White Cliffs of Dover as it is possible to get without
moving to the moon (even if I DO like Black Puddin')

> Dear Model engineers (all of you)
> Far from me telling you wath to do, I would like to put in my 2 cents,
> in this "debacle" ,to do with OT..
> Wathever the truth is in this matter, I feel that you are using the
> words "Nazi" and "Gestapo" with an ease, that makes
>  me uneasy.
> As I have lost family , on both ends of the frontline, in the war , now
> some 60 years ago, these words still instill fear and
> feelings of revenge in both the oldtimers and their offspring.
> On top of that, unjust parallels are drawn ,today, with the Nazi's and
> people who,in a genuine way, expres their concern,
> with presentday immigration-topics.
> Beside immigration topics,there is more,much more....
> The English among you are very lucky to live in a country,where it is
> still not bad form to be English.
> Try living in a country, that calls you a fascist if you dare to call
> upon the collective history of your own people
> Try living in an (occupied) country ,that will not allow you to speak
> up,if you do not agree with the theft of the collective welth,in favor
> of an arrogant minority, even if you ask simple and logical questions.
> Imagine not being allowed to speak your own language or doctors
> pretending not to understand you in the hospital in spite of your
> language being the one spoken by the majority of the people...
> All this happens only a boatride away from the "Cliffs of Dover". We are
> called fascist and Nazi every day for wanting only that wath you take
> for granted .
> So please, before you use the term Nazi/Gestapo think again


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