[modeleng] Re: What's happening to the list?

  • From: "alan Stepney" <alan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <modeleng@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 22:05:35 +0100

I think that there are several reasons for the list being quiet at present.
The "old" list used to be quieter in summer than in winter and Andy's Board 
has fewer posts than a few months ago.
I expect many members are busy making things, or out and about, rather than 
spending time at the computer.

Another reason for the list being quiet, is that usually I try to post 
topics that will generate some responses and discussion.
Unfortunately, I have been, and still am, rather busy with work right now, 
and havent been able to devote as much time to the list as I would like. 
From being on-line several times each day, I am now only on-line every 
couple of days.

As for "moderation", in fact, this list is not moderated.
That would mean that all messages were sent to me, or the other moderators, 
to approve, before sending them to the list.

Having said that, I will elaborate about the "off topic" policy.

When Andy closed the "old" list, I felt that it left a gap, and several 
people agreed with me.
Therefore I looked round for a host for a new list.
I found four.
Topica, which, as many will recall caused a lot of problems and was dropped 
by Andy. For that reason, I ignored them.

Two of them were advertising-supported, one by sending sales emails to all 
list members, the other, by selling the email addresses to marketting 
I would not accept that for myself, so wouldnt ask anyone else to do so.

And, there is Freelists.

I even investigated paid-for lists. The cheapest I found cost $50 PER MONTH.

Hence, as far as I could discover, the only reasonable host was 
freelists.There service seems good, but at the start, they did send me 
emails warning about there insistance on keeping lists that they host to the 
topic on that list.
Now, quite how often they check and what level of "off topic" posts a list 
could have before attracting their ire, I have no idea.

There is also the point that whenever a list goes "off topic" some members 
object and leave. Whether they are right, or wrong, to do so is a matter of 
On the other hand, when one insists on keeping the list on topic, some 
members object, which just proves the old adage that one cannot please all 
the people all of the time!

Finally, this, or any, list or forum, is for the members and should be what 
the majority want. How active it is depends upon them, and what people post.

If the majority feel that some off-topic posts should be allowed, I am quite 
happy with that, although there is a risk in that it  might result in the 
list being closed down.
As I said earlier, I dont know how "off topic" one can get before that 

Alan Stepney

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