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On 14/03/11 22:57, Bastien Chevreux wrote:
On Monday 14 March 2011 21:15:13 Sven Klages wrote:
What part of the pre-processing software is capable of vector clipping?
You can easily clip 5' adaptors, maybe some basic 3' adaptor clipping, but
that's it.
There is no vector clipping 'module' in the pre-processing pipeline.

Oops, hold on a minute. What I meant is: I never really saw 454 SFF files
(those created by the Roche software) which had, when done "correctly"[1],
adaptors left in the unclipped data. Now the quesion I was asking myself is
why anyone would want to do a "vector" trimming on that data.

Just wondering here ...

Hi, Bastien.

What about people who do whole BAC sequencing?

We are using MIRA just now to assemble SSAHA2 screened 454 and Solexa reads from whole BAC shotgun sequencing. Other people I know have also sequenced whole BAC's instead of excising the BAC insert to sequence.


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