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I think you need to define logic.  The neocons were rational?  Kindly
supply evidence of their logic.  They took over a country based on the
assumption that they would be loved.  That was a visceral response.  There
was no brain involved in the invasion whatsoever, not even the smallest
drop.  No forethought, no planning, not even any afterthought.  They never
reevaluated their policies to see if they were working and adjusted them as
necessary.  They just looked away and insisted democracy is on the march. 
Bush all but campaigned on never admitting a mistake.  Have you read or
heard interviewed authors like Ron Susskind or Tom Ricks or even John Dean
for the domestic aspect?   In WWII FDR fired 250 generals.  Lincoln fired
God knows how many.  Bush fired not one.  Not one.  There is no
accountability in this mess whatsoever.  Congress has held not one hearing.
This administration went into Iraq with a "let's see what'll happen if we
do ..." approach and that?s as much thinking as they did.  Tom Ricks? book
is called Fiasco and that's exactly what this whole adventure is.  And then
we want a mountain of skulls?  Why are we not clamoring for accountability?
For a change in direction?  It's no wonder we're finished.  We're
irrelevant, and all because we are unbelievably, unbearably stupid, which
is another way of saying visceral. 

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> Subject: [lit-ideas] Re: ye olde political mindset
> Ursula Stange wrote:
> "Yes...visceral response IS the backbone of politics. The only way out
> is logical response."
> It seems to me that the last thing one would want is a logical response.
> After all, isn't the so-called Neocon agenda a thoroughly rational
> approach to politics?  Everyone wants freedom, freedom comes through
> democracy, ergo everyone wants democracy, so lets give them democracy
> and they will love us.  The last thing we need is more logical responses
> in politics.
> Rather, we need more visceral response, more revulsion to the death and
> destruction, and more care for peace.  Instead of working out a plan
> that will ensure peace for generations, the politicians should be
> working out a plan to stop the shooting now.
> Logic has no place in the business of politics.
> Sadly,
> Phil Enns
> Toronto, ON
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