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Here is another such....

For reference...Guenther is my brother, Ellie his ex-wife. My father died in 1975.
Dream June 18, 2002

Ellie (or someone like her) didn’t want to marry Gunther
Or Gunther didn’t want to marry her
Left her at the altar
She, still dressed in her wedding gown, and I went to an apartment
Gunther’s presumably – but he was not there
She was looking for some kind of answer – or justification

My father was there, dead in his coffin, leathery and dusty
I was not expecting that, had no idea
I stared – and a bit of bloom came back to his cheeks
And his eyes opened

Perhaps there was a message, but I couldn’t hear or read or see it

Ellie drank some wine from a dusty bottle and spat it out
I knew you shouldn’t eat or drink or touch anything
Or you couldn’t go back to the land of the living

Driving away from there I saw a man hitchhiking
It was a desolate factory and airport strip
I knew I had seen him already that day and had not picked him up
I didn’t pick him up this time either, but slowed to look at him

I drove on
Eventually I felt guilty about passing him and not helping
I went back to find him, but couldn’t

I understood that I had passed some kind of test back in the apartment
But had failed the one out on the road

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