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Nothing noths...

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> We love D. P. Henry. Apparenty, he could read Heidegger in various
> vernaculars!
> In a message dated 2/19/2015 10:03:19 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,
> donalmcevoyuk@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> Carnap is too poor an enemy against which  to pit Heidegger
> Perhaps Ayer then. Apparently, Sir Freddie Ayer learned a lot from  Carnap.
> Re: O. K.'s request for references, one should check the bibliographical
> references to J. L. Scherb in "Philosophisches Jahrbuch", vol. 115.
> Scherb's essay is entitled
> "Nichtet das Nichts wirklich nicht?
> and subtitled:
> Analyse und Explikation: oder: eine deutsche Vorkriegsdebatte  europäisch
> belichtet" and while he does focus on the German context, he provides  the
> reference to D. P. Henry and Lesniewski among others.
> We have to grant that Scherb does base his exegesis on, to echo McEvoy,
> Carnap v Heidegger, where Popper v Heidegger and Witters v Carnap (and
> Ayer v
> Carnap, say) seem also v. valid, too.
> Note that the title of Scherb's essay translates:
> So, does the nothing really NOT noth?
> which should amuse Ayer (and Carnap): the negation of nonsense IMPLICATES
> nonsense (but the implicature is of course cancellable and conversational),
> but  of course does not *entail* nonsense.
> (cf. "It is false that the nothing noths"; or, to use Carnap's example,
> "Caesar is not a prime number; in fact, Caesar is not a number").
> The addition of 'really' is merely stylistic -- what Austin called a
> 'trouser word'.
> Cheers,
> Speranza
> Refs:
> Ayer, Language, Truth and Logic -- reference to Heidegger on  "Nothing"
> Grice, "Heidegger is the greatest living philosopher".
> Henry, D. P.
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