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> A.A. Then what's I.D. all about?  At least 50% of the U.S. population
> believes in creationism.   Bush himself feels a burning need to have both
> theories taught.  He consults with God to get the go ahead to start a war.
> This is not believing that God has all the answers?  Fate is just another
> word for God's guiding hand.  Know anybody who doesn't believe in fate?
> S.S. Curious that you use Bush to illustrate your point: that most people
> believe God has all the answers, and even Bush consults with God to get
> go-ahead to start the war in Iraq.
> Of all the people you might have used to make your point, Bush is the last
> one I'd expect. He might act as if he prays to God for guidance, but why
> does he find it so necessary to lie at every turn? Not just about Iraq,
> about every public policy issue before him: about the environment,
> education, tax cuts, terrorism, veterans benefits, social security.
> Bush is not someone who relies on fate. He relies on henchmen to suppress
> the vote, intimidation to silence Washington correspondents and
> calculated lies to make voters think less of his opponents, etc. He's out
> there twisting the arm of fate, kicking it in the balls when fate
> with him. He's very pro-active, wouldn't you say?
> He's not waiting for guidance at all.

Everyone sees God in their own way.  The settlers in Gaza cried out, and
cried, among other things, that Gaza was given to them by God.  How is
Bush's interpretation less legitimate than theirs?   

Andy Amago

> Stan Spiegel

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