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Andy:  Are you suggesting that Walmart pumps out fray gas from its  vents, so 
after people shop there they get belligerent?  Interesting  idea.

Almost everyone I know HATES to shop at Walmart--esp the Super  Walmart!  In 
fact, sometimes I go in to get something, get too tired just  looking at all 
the stuff and leave without it...and, if I DO try to get it, just  walking the 
whole store makes me feel like I've exercised for the day...and I've  not done 
a thing but pick up a few things!   The 'good' thing is that  I shop less and 
less...we make do with what we have a lot more than I would if  we were just 
running to the little shop down the street!  (which is usually  the grocery 
store...but one of the managers there we know from scouts and he is  working 
way through school so my son likes to go there...and since it is not  as 
large as Walmart but often has the necessities of what we need...we go there  
We talk about how so many of us leave Walmart without buying a thing  because 
it is either exhausting or overwhelming at my work, sometimes, and  I'm not 
the only one!
So--when I was creating the little scenario...and thinking why someone who  
worked at Walmart might dream grand dreams of being a great painter yet not do 
a  thing about it, all of the above thought did make me wonder!
Marlena in Missouri

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