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On 4/3/06, Eric <eyost1132@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The neurotic conflicts Horney describes involve
> deeper levels of conflicted personal identity (or
> total self-concept as you call it). The world is
> always showing us our Real Self, because the Other
> can always be smarter, more talented, happier,
> stronger, etc. Our own failings and ignorance in
> relation to that world always shows us our Real
> Self too.

Nice description of Horney's theories. I wonder, though, if the world
shows us our "ReaL Self" or simply exposes discrepancies between our
Ideal Self and the self we perceive ourself as being from our internal
perspective. Imagine, for example, that the Buddhists are right and
all selves, ideal or otherwise are transient constructions of no
capital-R Real substance whatsoever. Or consider the Hindu view in
which all selves are but fleeting dreams overlaid on the great REAL
SELF that is the soul of the universe, only accessible to those who
have awakened from the dreams.

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