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>> we might think of the Idealist philosopher who goes home to his wife
and children and pays his mortgage etc. and behaves for all the world as
if this is all real and not simply a figment of his imagination.

[From Don Juan, Canto 11, by Lord Byron]

When Bishop Berkeley said "there was no matter,"
       And proved it-'twas no matter what he said:
They say his system 'tis in vain to batter,
       Too subtle for the airiest human head;
And yet who can believe it! I would shatter
       Gladly all matters down to stone or lead,
Or adamant, to find the World a spirit,
And wear my head, denying that I wear it.

What a sublime discovery 'twas to make the
       Universe universal egotism,
That all's ideal-all ourselves: I'll stake the
       World (be it what you will) that that's no schism.
Oh Doubt!-if thou be'st Doubt, for which some take thee,
       But which I doubt extremely-thou sole prism
Of the Truth's rays, spoil not my draught of spirit!
Heaven's brandy, though our brain can hardly bear it.

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