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Wanna be my atty, Walter?  What's your long distance fee?
Julie Krueger

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Hear! Hear! Bravo! Bravissimo!


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> I've  apparently been kicked off the list for
> admitting that I was wrong  about something, in clear violation of the
> list  guidelines.

And the application of that sentence will be  performed shortly, as I have 
assured by this List's Board of Regents.  Let this be a lesson for everyone 
who remains on this List. Violations  of List imperatives, policies and
arbitrary preference will not be  tolerated. Regardless of race, colour, 
gender, religious  affiliation, sexual orientation(if any), or the holding of
administrivial  office - as in the case of Mr. Paul (President and
Vice-Chancellor, Mutton  College, Nebraska, USA) - such fragrant and 
floundering of our  cherished epistemic and moral ideals and virtues, as was
expressed by Mr.  Paul's acknowledgement of phallibilism, will not be 
in this  bastion of civility, rationality and humanity. 

While Mr. Paul admits  to the above failing, almost in an indecently
self-congratulatory tone, I  might add, he deliberately omits to mention
numerous other violations of  List policy, and, hence, transgressions against 
Pure Reason, that he has  committed over the many years of his residence and 
at our institution.  Allow me to identify just a few of these for the benefit 
the common good  in general and new members in particular who may be 
about the  purposes and methods of our institution.

Lest it be known, that Mr.  Paul has repeatedly been cited, convicted and 
for replying to posted  messages by our illustrious membership - that surely
itself constitutes  grounds for exile to Newark, NJ, but this is not my major
point - where  said replies clearly, distinctly and consistently revealed a
close and  informed reading of his interlocutors'positions! .... Order! 
please. But there is more, ladies and gentlemen. Copious and  meticulour
researches of our List archives, conducted by our own trained  staff, have 
able to discover, within Mr. Paul's record of pubic  discussions on this 
not one reference to the paternal or maternal  background of his 
nor even so much as an oblique, tacit  reference to himself as one who has
devoted his entire life to the pursuit  of philosophical clarity and 

Extending the inquiry into the  primal origins of this List in its precursive
"Phil-Lit" form (vide Comrade  Denisovitch Duttonovskaya, Dsirektor) it has 
revealed that Mr. Paul  has spent most of his adult and pubescent life in 
gainful employment as a  Professor of Applied Metaphysics and Venn Diagrams at
one of the most  prestigious centres of higher learning in the Best Western
Hemisphere. This  fact notwithstanding, it remains the case that the 
record  reveals not one instance of any expression or ejaculation even  
resembling the propositional content of:

"Look. Let's be  honest. You're a philosophical moron with an ego the size of 
Newfoundland  (and Labrador) and you have way too much time on your hands. And
like  Kissinger said of Ronnie, 'You've never been intellectually tested  and
you've never been brought to your knees through elenchus.' Or something  like 
that, anyway."

I rest my case. Visits to Mr. Paul in exile  in Mud Lake, Labrador, on Ides of
March, may be arranged through Lit-Ideas,  Penal Division, and through Air
Canada (god love ya!).

Walter  O.
Division of 4-M Curation (Morals, Morale, Mores, and Manners)
Museum  of Lit-ideas
Cosmopolis,  NL

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