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You people are making me thirsty for Chambord... 
Julie Krueger

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>...port, it's always left.    Me...I'm having a nice Merlot...I know...so 

Me, I'm  having a Rosemont Shiraz Grenache.  Cheap, but won't cause  
blindness.  Really expensive port, I've found is exquisite.  Sweet  but never 
cloying, and the better ones even hint at a brandy taste.   How would I know? 
My dear, dear dead father-in-law.  Conservatives are  good for something. 
But alas, I've not tasted really good port for over  twenty years now.

My son sells wine in San Francisco, not to restaurants  or bars but to 
private individuals.  They sell by the case, bottles  costing between $50 and 
$200.  There are enough people in SF with  enough disposable income to 
regularly buy cases of wine for $500 to $2400 --  I can't even imagine.  But 
the point is that last Xmas son Adam brought  a bottle of $80 red wine home 
with him.  I don't remember what it was,  I don't want to know.  I just know 
that it was the best red wine I've  ever had.  If you don't already know, 
trust me, there's quite a  difference between rotgut and fine wine and it 
ain't just the  price.

Mike  Geary

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