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My brother used to teach people port from starboard on a boat by reminding them that because no one likes the port, it's always left. Me...I'm having a nice Merlot...I know...so yesterday....


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    >  >>Rappaport, Rappaport, Rappaport and Spade
    > What do you have against port, Mr. Spade? Really good port with
    > fine cheese ...

    Port??! Sweet tunderin' Jayzus! If I wanted something to pour over
    my Haagendaz,
    I'd buy a bottle of Manischewitz. Why ruin a hunk of Oka with that
    Anything discovered by accident after being left forever in the
    cargo hold of a
    ship is surely unfit for the sensibilities and taste of rational
    humanity and
    reflective judgement. (Kant's Third Critique says it all.) Take
    heed: people
    who succumb to the seductions of port end up being exiled on
    islands in the
    middle of nowhere for extensive periods of time.

    Walter Okshevsky
    Oban Da; Newman's Nyet
    The Avalon Forever


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