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"At Cambridge I read Kant and Hegel, as well as Mr. Bradley's Logic, which
influenced me profoundly. For some years I was a disciple of Mr. Bradley,
but about 1898 I changed my views."

One wonders if such changes were common in Oxonian types. Apparently Grice
never changed his mind in major topics!

Curiously, Grice quotes from Bradley (who was elected to a fellowship at
Oxford's Merton in 1878 where he remained until his death, well after Russell
published his "Logical Atomism" lectures) once in WoW (Way of Words):

"So far as I know no philosopher since the demise of the influence of
Bradley has been in the least inclined to deny this."

So perhaps it was good that Russell changed his views.

I was surprised that Russell would use 'disciple' like that, since Russell
was not known by Bradley -- let alone before 1898. I would have used

In any case, Bradley was an anti-corpuscularian.



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