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> I have no Brazilian friends.  But I have been in Brazil.  And while they are
> more integrated than we are, I saw definite separation.  Socially at least.
> Veronica Caley

And their drunk-driving laws make our Draconian ones look fair...

On the first subject: I don't think Camille Paglia is as angry as she
seems. I think she is just dismissive of the whole 'woman-as-victim'
trend of the early feminist movement. She's a hell of an art critic
and entertaining, but you have to read her understanding that THAT
pose on the front of "vamps and tramps" is just a pose.

ON the main issue of Sotomayor, it's absolutely clear that she was
picked for who she is -- a Latina -- as much as for being qualified
for the job. But, as John Bolton (Former US Ambassador to the UN)
voiced on Bill Maher's show a few weeks back, (I'm paraphrasing) a
supreme court justice's job is not to write the law, but to apply it
and if in certain instances, you identify as a 'type' and vote as that
'type', then you aren't carrying out blind justice.

Now, of COURSE everyone is biased to some degree and can't escape what
they "are", but she is self-identifying and Obama has tacitly accepted
that as 'a' reason to pick her.

On a related note, I'm blown away that in a country where the general
voting populace has only ever ONCE elected a Catholic President, that
practically the whole SCOTUS is RC. What happened to this supposed
WASP conspiracy? There ain't none left in that there department.

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