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Walter wrote

However, the ubiquitousness of this critique makes me wonder if I'm missing
something here. Anyone?

I'm inclined to say, 'I gave at the office,' having, for some months now, tried to convince Walter that any moral theory, or meta-moral theory that maintains (i.e., assumes from some fictional neutral stance) that until stamped and certified by those in the higher orders it is an open question whether torturing (killing, raping, mutilating) the innocent (the word 'innocent' is really, as JL would say, 'otiose')
is wrong is, to that extent, at least, defective.

To say that only Kant knew what was morally right (or wrong) while the peasants in the countryside near Königsberg did not, is a bit like saying that nobody could distinguish truth from falsity until the advent of the late Donald Davidson.

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Robert Paul,
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