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heh -- my College Philo Proff w/a PhD in philo got fed up with the academic  
politics and quit and worked as an auto mechanic for years.  Then he got a  
PhD in Psych.
I'm still trying to understand that one......
Julie Krueger
amused by the human species

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Julie wrote:

> It's so nice to be  vindicated.  And in tandem w/ someone holding an 
> opposing  position.

Isn't it, though!

> Robert -- could you use your  Talent to vaildate the various factions in 
> the ME?

Kant said  that one had a duty to maximize one's talents but when it 
comes to the  Middle East, I have no relevant ones.

> And where did you learn so  much about physiology?  You're supposed to be 
> a philosopher who  doesn't believe in such mundane things.

Being a philosopher doesn't mean  that one ceases to know a few scattered 
facts about the real world; in fact,  any philosophical view that seems 
seriously at odds with our strongest  ordinary intuitions about it has a 
lot of explaining to do, as Berkeley  realized. I don't speak as a 
philosopher ('What do you, as a philosopher,  think aboutâ?'is a question 
to which I have no answer, even though I, in  plain clothes, may have 
thoughts about it.

Well, forget personal  identity. I was going to say that I know an 
amateurish bit about exercise  physiology, to which questions of 
transfers of heat and energy are relevant,  and I know that because I was 
for some years a distance runner and a coach  of distance runners. My 
interest in what heat does to people is now focused  on what heat does to 
older people, being not only an older person myself but  one concerned 
with their long term care.

By the way, with respect to  the Kruger-Kirschenbaum dialogue, it should 
be noted that older people,  because of skin changes, have fewer sweat 
glands and therefore sweat less,  thus putting them even more at risk 
during hot spells.

Robert  Paul
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